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Top breast augmentation from Dr. Maercks

Top breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that feminizes the chest by using either breast implants or fat transfer. This is a very popular procedure for transgender women who are ready to physically match their gender identity and feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

With his expertise in natural aesthetics, Dr. Maercks has been highly recognized for helping the transgender community with feminizing procedures. His approach to both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic interventions of the face and body have earned him international recognition by surgeons and patients alike, and this includes procedures for transgender patients. 

Why are breasts so important?

Although every transgender individual will make personal decisions on how far they want to go with their physical transition, many trans women choose to undergo top breast augmentation because breasts remain a timeless symbol of femininity. For a large number of trans women, finally having breasts can have an extraordinarily effective impact on their psychological and emotional wellbeing. Whether you want to blend into the rest of the world or stand out from it, getting the breasts you want can help make that happen. 

The importance of working with a respected surgeon

When it comes to your body, it’s of the utmost importance to only work with an experienced, board-certified surgeon with an outstanding reputation. Transgender patients are often the target of less-than-professional “doctors” in Miami who may be illegal and even worse, dangerous. These doctors often offer to inject loose silicone into the chest to achieve breasts. The problem with this arises when the loose silicone migrates to the rest of the body. When this happens, it can cause scarring, infection, disfigurement, or even possibly death. When choosing your provider, we encourage you to be very careful about who you select. 

Another reason to work only with a transgender surgery specialist is because it’s crucial that the professional who performs your surgery understands the differences between cis female breast augmentation and trans female breast augmentation. For example, transgender women naturally have broader chests and will therefore need a larger cup size in order for their chests to look proportional to the rest of their body. In addition, trans women have thinner chest muscles, larger pectorals, and lower nipples than cis women. Trans women may also already have some breast tissue developed if they’ve been taking hormones. A good surgeon will know to consider all of these things in order to perform the breast augmentation successfully. 

Top breast augmentation surgery details

MTF top breast augmentation is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. Either breast implants or fat grafting will be used to create the breasts. If breast implants are to be used, the size, shape, and placement of the implants will be decided during your initial consultation with Dr. Maercks. Some patients may require a tissue expansion procedure before the implants are placed. If this is needed, Dr. Maercks will go over the details during your consultation. 

If fat grafting is to be used to create your breasts, the first step of your procedure will involve liposuction. Fat will be removed from an area of your body where it can be spared (usually this is the abdomen, thighs, or flanks), and it will then be injected into the chest to create a breast mound. The use of fat grafting for breast augmentation is for patients who only want a smaller breast size. After the top breast augmentation has been completed, your new breasts will be wrapped in a compression garment.

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After your surgery, you’ll need to wear the compression garment for 5 to 7 days to help with swelling and healing. Once the compression garment is removed, you’ll need to wear a soft sports bra for several weeks. Every patient heals differently. Some are simply sore and tender for a week or so, while others experience more side effects. However, here are some general things to know:

  • You should arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you during recovery. You’ll need help with certain things because you won’t be able to comfortably lift your arms for approximately two weeks.  
  • You will not be able to drive for one week following surgery.
  • The majority of patients are able to return to desk-type jobs after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Strenuous exercise and activities need to be avoided for 6 to 8 weeks (light, lower body exercise is fine after two weeks).
  • Carefully follow the home care instructions we provide you with.

Swelling and bruising will improve 3 to 4 weeks following your surgery. While your results will become more and more apparent with each day, you can expect final results to take up to one year.

Why choose The Maercks Institute for top breast augmentation in Miami?

Dr. Maercks finds it incredibly rewarding to help his transgender patients achieve the body that represents their identity. Known for his transgender procedures for the face, chest, and genitalia, Dr. Maercks has changed the lives of thousands of patients over the years. As a board-certified cosmetic surgery specialist who views patients in a manner that is anything but cookie-cutter, he makes it a priority to see each patient as the unique individual they are in order to design a treatment plan just for them and their needs. With The Maercks Institute in Miami, he has founded a center that challenges “status quo” plastic surgery by delivering bespoke results that appear as if they are made by nature. Dr. Maercks elevates the standard of patient care and safety in every procedure that he performs, and uses attention to detail, experienced judgement, and artistic vision to achieve optimal results for his patients. At The Maercks Institute, we are dedicated to the beautiful, natural human form. If you’re interested in top breast augmentation at our Miami surgical center, we welcome you to contact us for a consultation.

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