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When it comes to sexual wellness, Virilux™ is a new, conceptual way of treating patients that recognize the human desire to enjoy sexual experiences and feel sexy. We offer full spectrum care with the goal of making each patient comfortable and confident with their intimate experiences in every way. We take a fun, relaxed, and professional approach to men’s and women's needs that are sometimes considered taboo and uncomfortable.

Inspiration for Virilux™ came from the life-changing procedures Dr. Maercks created to treat men with penile and sexual pleasure difficulties, and for women dealing with vaginismus, vaginal laxity, poor sexual performance, and difficulty with climax.

What is Phallodyne™?

Phallodyne or Phallodynamic therapy is a customized treatment to deliver performance, enlargement, and function, leveraging the latest biomodulators products.

What is FillerPhallo™?

FillerPhallo™ was created nearly a decade ago to address unmet needs in male health when dr Maercks found himself offering reconstructive solutions to men with penis destroyed by silicone and other filler injections as well as a variety of implants that rendered patients deformed and incapable of sexual pleasure. Autologous grafting and advanced reconstructive techniques were used to restore these patients and The Maercks Institute began offering safe, reliable, and effective solutions to the arena of penile enlargement. Initially, only autologous transfers using the patient's own fat and stem cells were used to achieve wonderful results.

To address the needs of patients without the time or interest in a liposuction harvest procedure, Maercks used the innovations behind his signature Aesthetic Facial Balancing procedure to create a one of a kind phalloplasty the FillerPhallo™. This technique differs from every other technique as it can:

  • Safely treat the ENTIRE penis
  • Allows desired gains in a SINGLE quick procedure with limited to zero recovery depending on options selected
  • No need for multiple or repeat treatments
  • Creates a natural look in erect and flaccid states
  • Addresses LENGTH and GIRTH
  • Enhanced erogenous pleasure
  • Is completely customizable
  • Is reversible
  • Scarless
  • Flash recovery

What is CreserePulso™?

A decade of success with FillerPhallo™ has led to the development of CreserePulso™, a procedure designed to deliver a larger, better looking, and more functional and enjoyable penis. It is a multimodality treatment based on Dr. Maercks decade of experience and his unique FillerPhallo™ procedure. By combining this technique with the latest technology in biodynamic tissue stimulation (Phallodyne) and tissue induction, patients achieve better firmer erections, dramatic increases in size, and more importantly a whole new world of sexual pleasure for themselves and their partners.

What is Prolato?

Prolato is a multi modality treatment using noninvasive and injectable means facilitating enlargement and improved function of the penis.

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