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Patient Testimonials

What Dr. Maercks’s patients have to say:

"I found Dr Rian through a recommendation of a client of mine. She had had the facial rebalancing done, and I thought she looked really fresh and pretty so I decided to go and try it for myself.

I went to see doctor Rian 2 weeks ago, and had 8 CC’s of fillers administered for the facial balancing. We did the eye area, balanced out my nose, and my lips. My existing profile was uneven and unbalanced, and dr Rian gave me a pretty “liquid facelift” in about 45 minutes. In the beginning, I didn’t want to do my eye area, but at his recommendation, I did, and I’m SO happy I listened to him! Only 2 weeks post procedure and I had a client tell me I look 23 (I’m 37)

The procedure is fast, and painless, but the swelling and bruising was pretty intense afterwards. Luckily for me, the girls at his office reached out and followed up throughout the days after my appointment, and assured me everything was normal, and I went back for follow ups at one week post, and 2 weeks post.

I listened to all of their instructions, and wore my ice mask as directed, and I think that really helped with all the swelling and bruising, (I read some other reviews on here, I think if you don’t listen to their after care instructions, you would maybe have a slower healing time)

All in all, I’m very happy with my results, I have recommended dr Rian to many of my friends, I even have a friend going to see him today for the same procedure (she too, was so impressed!). Thank you Dr Rian for erasing 14 years off my face!!"

- Fallon

"Sooooo happy with the results of my aesthetic facial balancing with Dr. Maercks!! My persistent, hereditary, under eye bags have virtually disappeared.  And combined with a photo facial my skin looks so smooth and even. As a 46 year old who spends a lot of time outdoors, I had started to get brown spots and patches, but they have also been cleared up via the photo facial.  I will definitely be going back whenever I feel the need for a refresher or to halt aging in it’s tracks!"

- Megan

"I went to see Dr. Rian because of my jowls which have always been an issue. What I left with was 10 yrs less in my appearance. I have never been happier with the way I look. Not only did he rejuvenate my face but a crooked nose that I thought could only be fixed with plastic surgery is now the perfect nose I have always wanted due to his gifted hands and his eye for facial balancing. He is a genius and I am forever thankful for him and his amazing work."

- Karoline

"I was highly recommended by a friend of mine to visit Dr Rian Maercks for fillers. It was my first time ever having this procedure so I was very nervous. I made the phone call and Obi, the receptionist, was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He recommended a documentary of Dr. Maerck performing the procedure on himself and performing it in a way that was the most natural.

After this I had went in and had the procedure done and I loved the outcome. Obi made frequent calls to see how I was doing during my healing process, which I thought was very thoughtful.

I have even went back for a laser treatment to remove some sunspots on my face and I was very happy with those results as well. I’m so happy to find an office I am comfortable with and have full trust knowing they use the best quality products and I will still look like myself, just a better version of myself! Thank you Dr. Maerck and staff!"

- Bonnie

"I went to Dr. Maercks to do fillers to fix my under eye bags and could be more happier with the result! I loved how he was so perfectionist and professional. My under eyes always bother me because I have very light skin, with the fillers definitely my face looks more awake and smooth. Dr Maercks did an amazing job and can’t wait for my next appointment!"

- Carolina

"I have been struggling with adult acne for the past two to three years now. My skin was flawless before this and now is covered in scars. I’ve tried every treatment, cream etc.
Then I moved Miami recently and a good friend of mine recommended me to go see Dr. Rian Maercks. He was extremely friendly and professional. Considering this was my first time having any cosmetic procedures done, I felt very comfortable with him.
He performed the Broadband Light Treatment to my problem areas. Within a couple of days I saw results. The spots were starting to disappear. On top of his amazing work he and his staff called that afternoon to check on me and see how my skin was feeling.
My spots are so dark that I need a couple more treatments  and I will definitely be revisiting Dr. Maercks and his staff for these!!! Thank you Dr. Maercks and team for your excellent work and care!! I 100% recommend Dr. Maercks!!"

- Erin

"Dr. Rian Maercks of “The Maercks institute” is bar-none the best plastic surgeon in Fla. (and quite possibly in the US).  His ground breaking facial balancing procedure completely re-structured the fat tissue around my eye and mouth to a point where I was shocked at the results.  I look 15 years younger but you would never know I had work done- it looks so natural.  He is a genius and a perfectionist but what I like most about Dr, Rian, is that he has a wonderful, caring disposition so you know you are in good hands.  His team is also very caring and welcoming with follow-up calls and great customer service.  No need to go anywhere else if you are looking for results!!"

- P.P.

"I am 31 years old and my goal was it to look like 22 again. I had already plastic surgery done on my body and knew, if you want to look the best, you have to look FOR the best. And this time I decided to do something in my face.I made a lot of research on different websites about all different doctors in Dade and Broward. I checked their before and after pictures and reviews…. I got the feeling that only Dr Maercks is the one I want to trust in touching up my face.

Yes it was expensive, but how I said, it’s my face and I only want the best working on me.
I am sooooo happy with my result. I got filler done all over my face…. He touch up every little wrong angle I had before and fixed my sagging skin. It was not much to do, but that is exactly the hard thing to do…. Just enough to make it perfect! I think a woman with 60 years or older is not hard to make her look younger, but 31 years, YES. I will know already, that I will be back next year to get some more work done.

I saw other complaining about he was to personal. I disagree. He was personal but that shows only that he is caring about his clients and is not all about money like almost 90% all the other surgens what only spend a 2 minutes consulation (I had that a lot before)!

Thanks for reading my story."

- B.B.

"Dr. Maercks went above and beyond my expectations as a doctor, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. I would highly recommend him to family, friends and ect. I am very happy with my breast augmentation I did with him. And I would personally like to thank him for his input on my size choise i deside to go with. Thanks Stephanie"

- Stephanie A.

"Dr. Maercks is the consummate professional. He is a great listener and then offered his advice on how to best address my concerns. I trusted him from the moment I met him as he exudes confidence and proved it with his excellence in his procedures and always made certain I was pleased with the results. I truly lucked out when I chose Dr. Maercks."

- Alfred M.

"Maercks is a gifted plastic surgeon!! I met with plenty and he is the best! He is very caring,honest, and a perfectionist! Highly recommend!"

- Amy D.

"I have super model legs!!! I recently saw Dr. Maercks for skin tightening of the thighs and buttocks area and I am completely floored by the results! One quick, painless laser procedure and my legs are firm and my buttocks lifted. Cellulite is diminished if not completely disappeared and the wrinkle between my buttocks and my upper thigh has receded to nearly half its size. I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting that added confidence this swimsuit season."

- N.K.

"I had Juvederm injections done by Dr. Rian Maercks and I am extremely happy with my results. The fillers were injected in my lips and lip area including underneath my eyes to fill in the hollowness which were creating the appearance of dark circles. He also placed some filler in the brow area to raise them a bit. Dr. Maercks used about 4 syringes which at first I was hesitant about because I thought that would be too much. He assured me that I wouldn’t look scary or overdone and boy was he right. I couldn’t be any happier. I look more refreshed and youthful, no one notices I had anything done but I get compliments all the time with friends asking me if I’m using any new face products because I look so refreshed. I have had fillers done with several other doctors before and I have finally found the right one who knows about balancing out the features properly. The healing process was pretty quick, I had minimal bruising which was easily Covered with concealer and they went away within one week."

- Kristina A.

"I was referred to Dr. Maercks by his assistant, Kristina Amador. I’m very glad that I met with him. The consultation was excellent. He was very informative and answered all my questions regarding my medical condition. Dr. Maercks was very professional and knows his field well. I highly recommend everyone to at least consult with him before deciding on a procedure. I’m still deciding on surgery, but Dr. Maercks is a high possibility."

- Hector G.

"I can’t express with words how grateful I am to Dr. Rian Maercks . He saved my life and showed true concern something you don’t see nowadays. I had gluteal implants in South America when on vacation, it had been almost 2 months from the surgery, then  suddenly  one  day I woke up and had extreme pain on one of the implants. It was swollen and felt hot to the touch and I had fever was dizzy and vomiting.  It  seemed  my blood pressure went so low that I felt like passing out and my condition started deteriorating.

I called several plastic surgeons and explained my case but they all closed their doors at me. They stated that they could not take my case because of insurance purposes since it was a complication to a surgery performed outside the country.

Until I came across Dr. Rian Maercks who was willing to help me, he showed genuine concern from the beginning and an interest to help me. He was honest and told me the implant would most likely need to be removed. However he said if possible would try to save it.
He admitted  me  to the hospital without wasting any time. I entered as a direct admit through the ER and Dr. Maercks   followed  up every step of the way. He even gave me his cellular number and told me not to hesitate and call him if I felt worst.  He also called me to see how I was doing.

After having a CT scan, lab work and lab results were available Dr. Maercks  called me to inform me that the implant would need to be removed the following day at 9:30 am.  However  thanks  to his interest and concern he was constantly calling the hospital to follow up on my condition and noticed I was getting worst. Therefore he showed up approximately at 3:30 am for emergency surgery. He was worried that the infection could start entering my bloodstream that the outcome could be fatal.

Yet when I entered the OR the anesthesiologist refused to administer IV or general  anesthesia because I had eaten 4 hours earlier. Dr. Maercks  stated  that the surgery could not wait because the infection could go into my bloodstream and if that happened  the consequences would be devastating . He told me that he would inject me with local anesthesia and that he would remove the implant. I was scared and initially refused.  I did not want to be awake during surgery because of a previous traumatizing experience. However Dr. Maercks assured me I was in good hands and that I would not feel any pain not even the anesthesia injections. The confidence he gave me made me accept his proposal.
The Dr. was  just  wonderful, I did not feel any pain at all and it  seemed he had magical hands. I did not feel the implant coming out when Dr. Maercks told me it was out. As soon as that happened he washed and disinfected the area and I immediately felt much better.  He knows how to make one feel comfortable and secure and he is such a great humane person who has passion for what he does and is good at it.

I am so thankful to Dr. Rian  Maercks  that  words are not enough to show my gratitude and if it was not for him I would not be writing this review. I been to many plastic surgeons and I never wrote a review before but  I feel that people need to be aware that this in an excellent Dr. the type you no longer see these days. I would highly recommend him.

Thank you Dr. Maercks."

- Windsor G.

"My experience with Rian Maercks was incredible! Just like everyone else I was nervous when it came to having a surgical procedure done especially since this was my first cosmetic surgery, but Dr. Maercks and his staff made me feel safe and secure. Prior to my surgery we had several office consultations, were everything was explained to me in detail.  Dr. Maercks and his staff even accommodated me and scheduled me on his day off due to my work schedule.  As far as the procedure it was just as he said, almost no pain since no incision where made to my breast. I had minor discomfort under my arm pits as expected and recovery was fast.  I was able to go back to work in three days.  The best part about all this is that his new procedure (sub-fascial breast augmentation) has given me the look that I wanted.  My breast look natural with a tear drop shape to them, my cleavage is also natural looking and following his advice I opted to go with silicone for a better look and feel.  I would highly recommend Dr. Rian Maercks."

- Patient

"I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Maerck’s.  Dr. Maercks is an “Artist” and a perfectionist. My results were amazing!! Since this was my first cosmetic procedure,  I had many questions.  He was very caring and informative. I had the surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Monday.  I had little to no post-operative discomfort. I opted to go with the silicone at Dr. Maercks suggestion. My breast look and feel very natural. I am extremely  happy with my results  and would highly recommend Dr. Maercks to anyone looking to improve their appearance."

- Clara V.

"Dr. Maercks unique blend of skill, experience and training offers patients an unparalleled expertise in plastic surgery. He is extremely caring and devoted to his patients and can certainly make a difference in your life.  He truly brings out the natural beauty from within and is a very knowledgeable and talented doctor. During my consultation, and throughout my entire experience, Dr. Maercks was always very open and honest about what he believed would make me look aesthetically more beautiful. He took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly, answering any questions and concerns that I had and enabling me to feel very comfortable. Dr. Maercks prides himself on running an ethical practice and he truly wants to provide the best care for his patients. Dr. Maercks offers unique solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for aesthetic improvements of the body."

- Jessica F.

"I love the idea of aging gracefully and in doing this I need a little help from the beautiful science of cosmetic and plastic surgery.  I said gracefully not naturally although you always want to look as though you are an untouched canvas.  So in a quest for the perfect Dr. I look for someone pickier than me and it wasn’t easy.  But I found my guy.  Dr. Maercks had no “bigger the better,” breast comments I got from other doctors and no “you need xyz procedures,” that I was not coming in for a consultation for.  I believe that is key especially with women, if we are coming for breasts give us breasts.  If we like them we will come back for xyz.  I had my breast augmentation and they look and feel like natural 21 year old breasts (I’m 34).  A friend of mine admired Dr. Maercks’ work on me and had reconstructive surgery and implant procedure on her breasts as well.

Back to the xyz my implants were done in March and since then I have done fat transfer under my eyes and other little places in my face that natural aging has depleted.  This is a great treatment in the place of fillers that lasts longer and delivers beautiful results.

Thanks Dr. Maercks!"

- Mara D.

"I originally went to Dr. Maercks for some Botox. When I went for my appointment we discussed some other options available. I reluctantly decided on some filler. I am so happy I did! I look 10 years younger, and have received many compliments from various friends and acquaintances. Rian Maercks is a true artist. I expect great things from him in the future."

- Bradley U.

"Hi, I would like to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Rian Maercks.

I am a mother of 3 and I used to have beautiful natural breast before my 3 kids.  And after 3 pregnancies along with breast feeding I found the need to enhance my breast from stretch marks, sagging and all the other damages due to my pregnancies.  Throughout the year s I felt very uncomfortable with my breast due to all the above.  I had to be very selective with the clothes I choose to wear to hide my droopy breast and I was very unhappy with my cleavage.  It was a constant struggle to get dressed to go out for many reasons.  I then decide to do research and plastic surgery was my solution.  I had my first breast reconstructive procedure a few years ago and in order to reconstruct my breast s and to lift, the doctor decided to intervene through my areola and that left a big scar and my areola was way too large.   I was also left with a wide separation in my cleavage are and my breast did not have a natural fall or movement.  I was unhappy with that result and I waited a while longer and did a more extensive research on whom could I trust to fix once and for all my breasts.  After meeting with several doctors well known in my area and highly recommended, I was still unsure do to their explanations on how they would proceed to fix my breasts.   They came back with the following remarks:

– Not enough tissue to work with
– The incision would have to be in the shape of an anchor
– Unable to reduce the areola (one of my major concerns)

Finally, I met Dr. Rian Maercks, who listened to me and understood exactly what I was explaining and what I expected moving forward.  On my initial visit, Dr. Rian Maerck discussed in detail all his thoughts and due to the fact that he listened carefully I was impressed with his remarks and the way he explained in details what he was able to do to make me happy.  His professionalism, technique and confidence gave me the security to book the procedure that same day.  Today has been a little over a month since I had the surgery and I am impressed with the results.  My breasts are more beautiful than I expected. I am very satisfied with the results.  By breast are back to their natural look, they have a natural fall and my areola is finally at the shape and size I always wanted.  Dr. Rian Maercks and his staff were AMAZING!!! They were always available for any questions or concerns and the doctor himself checks up on you and guides you through the process.  It almost feels as if you are dealing with family/friends.  I highly recommend his work and professionalism.  For the above reasons and experience, I will count on Dr. Rian Maercks for any future procedure (if needed)."

- Ivelin C.

"Dr. Maercks is the King of injectables! This is my second Botox and Juvederm treatment by Dr. Maercks and my results went far beyond my high expectations….I was more than pleased with the results and I couldn’t wait to show off my younger, fresher, and very smooth skin.

To achieve all the corrections I wanted, 2 treatments were necessary. I didn’t think my facial lines or structure could get any better after the first treatment….but I was amazed by Dr. Maercks work. He gave my lips a sexy boost….and it looks natural and even….with NO bumps or lumps. He basically gave me a face lift with Juvederm….defining my cheek bones and softening my jaw line. He softened my parentheses lines along the sides of my nose and mouth. He gave me a beautiful eyebrow arch and opened my eyes….I don’t look tired anymore. I had a run away line under each eye from the sun and he smoothed it away. The amount of Botox he used was perfect….I still have my expressions that make me “me”, but the distracting lines are gone.

I HATE needles…I admit, I’m a baby when it comes to needle pain. As a result I can be a difficult patient because of this fear…along with the idea that a needle is going into my face. Dr. Maercks put me at ease. There was no pain. I didn’t have any bruising or scarring…no cover up needed. Dr. Maercks sets the bar when defining “greatness”! He’s the best injector in South Florida and I would never allow anyone else to touch my face. I highly suggest Dr. Maercks for your Botox and Juvederm/Filer work. Dr. Maercks only knows how to do “perfection”.

I noticed a few reviews discuss how Dr. Maercks is a “young” plastic surgeon, so I wanted to share why I chose Dr. Maercks as my physician. There are a few reasons:

After interviewing and researching over 40 physicians in Miami, Miami Beach, and even Aventura to do my injectables for the first time, I chose Dr. Maercks because I found him to be the most educated physician on injectable techniques including the latest and most successful techniques to inject Botox and fillers. He knew what has been done in the past when injectables first became big, how injectables have evolved, and how to take injectables to the next level to achieve even better patient satisfaction.  His technique is nearly pain-free too.

I have a medical background. Dr. Maercks knowledge of the anatomy surpassed anyone else I met. He knew the “why” behind every question I asked.

Another reason I chose Dr. Maercks as my physician is because I agreed with what he thought was “beautiful”. In his before and after pictures, I agreed that his “after” pictures were beautiful and his work enhanced the patients’ beauty even more. His vision to create and enhance, while still making the results look natural, are unbeatable.

My experience in the medical field has uncovered that younger physicians care more about their patients’ happiness and strive for the best outcomes because they are building a business and a name. Dr. Maercks was the ONLY phsyican out of the 40+ physicians I spoke to, who was passionate about doing injectables (especially Juvederm filler). Phyicians that have been around for awhile appear to not care as much because they don’t need to and they loose that passion. Dr. Maercks before and after pictures were the best compared to the rest…..most physicians didn’t even have before and after pictures….or the before and after pictures didn’t show much of a difference. With Dr. Maercks, I didn’t feel like just another patient….I felt unique and important. I felt like I was on his VIP list. When you’re have surgery or any procedure done, that type of attention makes a patient feel more comfortable. Dr. Maercks earned my trust.

I wanted a plastic surgeon to do my Botox and filler instead of a dermatologist or dentist because a plastic surgeon has more first hand experience working with muscles and the anatomy under the skin (which is where the injection is going and foreign material is being placed). This experience comes from being in surgery.

Every surgeon who’s name we recognize now had a beginning to his/her career when no one knew their name or work. You can expect “greatness” with Dr. Maercks work. I feel very fortunate and lucky to have found Dr. Maercks…..he is a rare diamond in the rough."

- Julia D.

"I would like to share my opinion on Dr Maercks and his practice. I have met very few Physicians who take the time to create relationships and trust with his patients. Dr Maercks is dedicated first and foremost to making his patients trust his vision and technique. Secondly, it is of high priority that his results are impeccable.

It is very important to find someone who practices for the right reasons and focuses on minimal recovery, minimal scarring and makes patient satisfaction his main priority.

I love that Dr Maercks does not advertise himself as a product but as the person who’s passion for being a surgeon shines through all his work.

I suffered for more than 10 years with chronic migraines. I had given up on everything until I came to see Dr Maercks who improved my attacks and now I have been migraine free for a long time. His craniofacial expertise worked wonders for me. I am so glad I was referred to him and I would recommend him to anyone."

- Lynette G.

"I went to see plastic surgeon Dr. Maercks for his ‘aesthetic anatomic lip balancing’ procedure because I have been wanting to get my lips done for quite some time. I was always a little hesitant to get them done at other offices because I didn’t  want to look unnatural, but Dr. Maercks’ work is all Natural! I love my lips now!!! I love wearing lipstick now, they’re the  perfect shape and they complement me in every way."

- Amy S.

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