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Fortunately, in 2010, BOTOX was approved to treat chronic migraines. This treatment is suitable for those most debilitated by the condition, who experience migraines for four hours or more, for at least 15 days out of the month.

What is BOTOX for migraines? 

BOTOX is a type of medication known as a neuromodulator. Its primary function is to temporarily stop signals between muscles and nerves. This process has shown to be effective in pain management. BOTOX injections can block neurotransmitters (the chemicals that carry pain signals). 

BOTOX’s active ingredient, a purified form of botulinum, causes a smoothing effect when used cosmetically. While this treatment isn’t a permanent solution for migraines, regular BOTOX sessions can drastically improve quality of life for migraine sufferers. 

What are the benefits?

For people that suffer from migraines, BOTOX injections can be life-changing. They are able to get back to doing everyday activities without constantly being distracted by pain. People that take time off from work or fun activities due to discomfort can get busy again. What’s more, the effects only take a few days to kick in following the procedure.

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Who is a candidate? 

To be considered eligible for this treatment, you must meet the criteria outlined by the FDA:

● You are 18 years old or older
● You suffer chronic migraines 15 or more days per month
● The migraines last 4 hours or more

What to expect from the treatment

The procedure works similarly to most other BOTOX treatments. For migraine treatment, injections are made in the forehead, scalp, neck, and shoulders, taking about 20 minutes in total to complete. The BOTOX is injected into specific areas, in small quantities, with a tiny needle. A topical numbing cream is typically applied to the area of treatment to increase comfort and decrease the pinching sensation of the needle.

Recovery and Results

Just like any other BOTOX treatment, there is no real recovery time. Patients can get back to their daily activities right away. However, it is recommended that they avoid rubbing or bothering the injection sites in any way. Minor bruising and swelling at the injection sites are common. The results of the treatment usually take a few days to appear. This procedure should be repeated about every three months to keep symptoms at bay. For many chronic migraine sufferers, injections of BOTOX for migraines in Miami has been a godsend. 

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Why choose The Maercks Institute? 

Having studied at Duke University School of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks is an expert in his craft. He has trained with some of the most prolific doctors in Europe and Latin America. He founded the Maercks Institute in 2009, where he has become well-known for his innovative work in both surgical and non-invasive procedures. 

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