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What are penis fillers?

Penis fillers, as they’re called when used for this purpose, work very much in the same way as facial fillers: they provide volume where needed. Injected directly into the penis, this penile enlargement treatment has the ability to increase girth, length of the penis when it’s flaccid, scrotal size, and improve the overall appearance of the genital area. Essentially, penile enlargement using dermal fillers can deliver a serious confidence boost and help make men comfortable in their own skin.

Key benefits of penis enlargement

  • Enhanced penis girth
  • Enhanced length of penis when flaccid
  • Little to no downtime required
  • Minimal side effects
  • Significant boost in confidence and self-esteem 

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The importance of choosing a surgeon

Although penis enlargement with fillers is not a surgical procedure, it’s very important to only work with an experienced, board-certified surgeon for this particular treatment.

When it comes to your most intimate area, you don’t want to simply go to a med spa or salon. Even if someone is a licensed medical professional, we recommend only working with a surgeon for any male enhancement procedures. Find a reputable, certified, skilled surgeon who has excellent feedback before scheduling a consultation.

Penis filler treatment details

The very first step in your penile enhancement in Miami will be a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Maercks. This is where you’ll be able to voice your aesthetic concerns, personal goals, and ask any questions you may have, including how much the procedure costs. After your questions have all been answered and it’s been decided that penis fillers are right for you, your appointment will be scheduled. On the day of the actual procedure, the genital area will be cleansed and prepped with a topical anesthetic. Dr. Maercks will administer the discussed dermal filler(s) by injecting it into the soft tissue under the skin of the shaft. Most patients report very little discomfort due to the numbing agent, although you may feel some slight tugging or pulling. Treatment time takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. 

Good candidates for penile enlargement

If you’re considering having penis fillers in Miami area, it may be the perfect procedure for you. Ideal candidates for this treatment are those who:

  • Want to increase the girth or length of their penis
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health 

    Recovery and results

    Swelling, bruising, and/or tenderness in the groin area is to be expected following treatment, but will be very minor. The majority of patients return to their regular activities in approximately two days. Rarer side effects include bumps, lumps, or skin irregularities at the injection site(s). We recommend avoiding heavy lifting, intense workouts, and sexual intercourse for one week. While most patients see immediate results, the outcome of the procedure will continue to get even better over the course of about 18 months.

    Why choose The Maercks Institute for penis fillers in Miami?

    Since founding The Maercks Institute in 2009, Dr. Rian Maercks has changed the lives of thousands of patients. They come to him with an issue, and he determines the best way to solve it. As the president and medical director of The Maercks Institute — a high-profile, Miami-based surgical center — Dr. Maercks elevates the standard of patient care and safety in every procedure he performs. He is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist whose approach to both surgical and non-surgical procedures of the face and body has earned him international recognition by surgeons and patients alike. With his specialized expertise in cosmetic breast and body procedures, Dr. Maercks will formulate the ideal treatment for your aesthetic goals. Patients are always seen as unique individuals; never cookie-cutter cases. To learn more about options for male enhancement in Miami, we invite you to contact us today for a private consultation. 

    The Maercks Institute


    Does this procedure create scars?

    No, because there are no incisions or stitches required with penis fillers; only very small holes made by the needle.

    How much girth will I gain?

    This depends on the length of the penis and how much filler is injected. You can expect an approximate 20% to 30% increase in penis thickness, but Dr. Maercks can give you a better estimate during your consultation.

    Will my penis be longer when erect?

    Your penis will become longer, but only when flaccid.

    What if I don’t like the results?

    In the unlikely event you aren’t happy with your penis filler results and want to go back to your normal size, this can be done if the dermal fillers were made from hyaluronic acid. An enzyme (hyaluronidase) can be injected, which will immediately turn the hyaluronic acid into water.

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