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Acne can be an extremely difficult and frustrating skin condition to live with. Beginning in the teens and sometimes lasting until the mid-twenties, acne can cause self-confidence issues, embarrassment, and isolation. Because there is no “cure” for acne, the situation can seem hopeless when it comes to getting the clear, smooth skin acne sufferers greatly desire.

Dr. Maercks has been treating acne for years, and after studying and working with the best procedures available, he created his own Acne Protocol treatment to clear problematic skin. Whether the acne is hormonal, hereditary, or a persistent breakout, this treatment plan will greatly help resolve it. 

Dr. Maercks Acne Protocol procedure entails treatment with four different advanced technologies including broadband light, infrared light, laser, and radio frequency modalities. With Dr. Maerck’s Acne Protocol, clear, healthy skin can be a reality again.

Acne Protocol

Average Cost $4,400

These different procedures are combined to heat and destroy acne causing tissue, preventing future acne from appearing and removing current acne.

This procedure takes one treatment and results are noticeable within the first week. But the best results will show about 6 weeks post treatment.

Advanced acne technologies in Dr. Maerck’s Acne Protocol

Most acne treatments are not strong enough to resolve acne on their own. Because acne can be such a difficult skin concern for patients who suffer from it, Dr. Maercks looked into what could be done to help people fight back acne with visible, satisfactory results and reclaim their healthy skin. That is why Dr. Maercks chose to combine the four most effective technologies available to give his patients the very best outcome possible.

Broadband light

Broadband light technology, also called photorejuvenation therapy, uses intense pulsed light to treat acne and even out skin tone and texture. Broadband light treatments are applied to control active acne and can be applied to all areas of the body, such as the face, neck, chest, and back. This treatment has been proven to make a significant improvement in controlling active acne.

Infrared light

Infrared light therapy, or LED Light Therapy (LLLT) is remarkably effective in treating acne breakouts on the face and back. The light is applied to the skin, and it kills the bacteria that causes the breakouts.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment for acne scarring is an effective way to reduce the scars that acne creates. The laser is passed over the top layers of the skin. This breaks up the scar tissue, while the treatment boosts collagen production and encourages new, healthy skin cells to grow and replace it. This new skin can also help combat active acne itself.

Radiofrequency (RF) treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy combats acne by passing an RF current through the sublayers of the skin using microneedling. Acne is targeted and the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen and generate fresh, healthy skin. This treatment has shown improvement in clinical trials on active acne and acne scars.

Acne Protocol

These four different procedures are combined to heat and destroy acne-causing tissue, clearing away current acne, treating acne scars, and preventing future acne from appearing.

Dr. Maerck’s Acne Protocol is done in one treatment and results are noticeable within the first week. The best results will show at about six weeks post treatment.

Why choose Dr. Maercks to treat my acne?

Our patients come first at The Maercks Institute. Dr. Rian Maercks is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist who doesn’t view treatments for patients with a “one size fits all” approach but instead works to ensure every patient’s concerns and issues are treated with individual attention and care. He understands that acne can be debilitating and embarrassing and can heavily impact self-confidence, and he chose to do something about this to truly help his patients.

Dr. Maercks developed his Acne Protocol after noticing that the usual acne treatments weren’t always working for his patients. His innovative approach to the very real concern of acne is one of the many reasons his patients trust him and consider him to be one of the finest doctors available. Call today for a consultation and begin your journey to acne-free skin.

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