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The goal of rhinoplasty

Whether cosmetic or functional, rhinoplasty (nose job) can improve quality of life. Aesthetically, rhinoplasty has the ability to change the shape and size of the nose and achieve facial harmony, making an individual more attractive. As for functionality, a large number of men deal with issues like a deviated septum, which often causes serious breathing and sleeping problems. No matter what your reasons for seeking rhinoplasty, Dr. Maercks is here to help you.

Top reasons why men have rhinoplasty

  • To look better
  • Increase self-image and confidence
  • Correct breathing/sleeping issues
  • To improve an unbalanced facial appearance
  • Correct an injury

Recovery and results

You should expect your nose and possibly the eye area to be bruised and swollen immediately after surgery. It’s good to be aware that post-op swelling is a big part of choosing to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty. Although results can be seen about two weeks after surgery, it may take up to six months to one year for residual swelling to completely go down. However, it will subside after a few weeks and will begin to look better and better every day.

Liquid nose job

If your concerns are cosmetic, Dr. Maercks may be able to address them with non-surgical rhinoplasty (also known as “liquid rhinoplasty”). Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a treatment in which dermal fillers are used to achieve the desired aesthetic results instead of a more complex surgical procedure. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent option for men who want minor changes made to their nose, such as a nasal bump or nasal tip re-shaping. Dr. Maercks may also recommend Aesthetic Facial Balancing for you. This is one of his signature procedures, and also involves the use of dermal fillers to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results. 

Why choose The Maercks Institute?

Not only is face surgery is one of the main services at The Maercks Institute; Dr. Rian Maercks is also a board-certified plastic surgery specialist. His approach to both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures of the face and body have earned him international recognition by surgeons and patients alike, and his undergraduate training in fine arts and philosophy created the framework through which he explores the world of medicine and plastic surgery. Dr. Maercks also elevates the standard of patient care and safety in every procedure he performs. Since founding The Maercks Institute in 2009, he has changed the lives of thousands of patients. They come to him with an issue, and he determines the best way to go about solving it. He is an expert who will formulate the right treatment for your goals. If you’re interested in rhinoplasty, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us.

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How much does rhinoplasty in Miami cost?

The cost of a nose job will vary based on the patient, but typically rhinoplasty in Miami can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. We will be able to provide you with an exact estimate during your consultation.

How does Dr. Maercks perform rhinoplasty?

Surgical rhinoplasty is typically done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. If closed rhinoplasty is being done, surgical incisions are made within the nostrils. If open rhinoplasty is being done, a small incision is made on the columella. After the modifications have been made, sutures are placed to close the wound and the nose will be covered with a surgical bandage.

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