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What is Aesthetic Facial Balancing?

Aesthetic Facial Balancing is one of Dr. Maercks’s most popular services at The Maercks Institute. Developed by Dr. Maercks himself, this highly customized procedure combines art, aesthetic sensibilities, and anatomical knowledge to rejuvenate the face using the body’s own fat and/or hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Patients can enjoy the results of a facelift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, jaw contouring, and other tweaks without the need for surgery.

Natural-looking enhancement

Aesthetic judgments can happen in a few hundred milliseconds. This is why we instantly recognize an attractive person in a crowd. Dr. Maercks designed Aesthetic Facial Balancing to alter this immediate perception of the face. Patients simply look better at first glance without immediate or obvious explanation, all while looking 100% natural. Dr. Maercks’s results have been known to last for years without the appearance of having “work done”, which patients love.

Why focus on the jawline?

No matter if you’re male or female, a well-sculpted jawline is a classic sign of attractiveness, as it provides the appearance of an angular and symmetrical face. In men, it’s known as the “Greek God jawline” and is considered strong and rugged. In women, a defined jawline offsets other features and helps the neck appear longer and more elegant. With Dr. Maercks’s artistic eye, facial balancing for the jawline can make a dramatic difference and enhance your existing beauty. 

The jawline AFB consultation and procedure

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Maercks will individually assess your unique features and design a customized treatment plan to bring out your natural good looks. 

He will discuss the aesthetic priorities of your face in an easy-to-understand sub-unit analysis while reviewing 3D imagery of your face. The actual Aesthetic Facial Balancing procedure is painless and is performed through a limited number of tiny needle entries. A tiny blunt needle called a cannula is used to access the treated areas. 


Recovery time from Aesthetic Facial Balancing may vary depending on the amount of volume used during the procedure, as well as the patient’s age, overall health, and post-procedure activities. When small sub-unit steps are planned, there’s typically no significant recovery time — but with more extensive treatments, recovery time may be 2 to 7 days. In some cases, there’s no recovery time at all, but patients should always be prepared for minimal swelling and perhaps some bruising. Patients usually leave Dr. Maercks’s office thrilled with their outcome, and are able to immediately return to their regular day. 

Aesthetic Facial Balancing at The Maercks Institute 

As one of Dr. Rian Maercks’s main services, Aesthetic Facial Balancing is a unique treatment that offers patients a beautifully rejuvenated look. Quick and convenient, Aesthetic Facial Balancing takes only about 15 minutes but achieves big results.

The Maercks Institute is a high-profile, Miami-based surgical center that delivers bespoke results that appear as if they are made by nature. 

Board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery specialist Dr. Maercks elevates the standard of patient care and safety through his work as medical director, and he has changed the lives of thousands of patients over the years with his skill and expertise. He is the expert who will formulate the right treatment for your goals, leveraging your unique beauty to achieve optimal results. At The Maercks Institute in Miami, patients are considered in a manner that is anything but cookie-cutter. Vision, attention to detail, and experienced judgement are used to select the ideal techniques to get outstanding outcomes in the safest most effective manner. To schedule a consultation, we welcome you to contact our office

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